Rosin Press TTO-R1

Our TTO-R series rosin presses are uniquely designed with a patent pending closed pressing chamber. The closed pressing chamber design has several key advantages which includes the elimination of bag slippage and blowout, the ability to enable coextraction, and reduces the loss and oxidation of terpenes.

  • No scraping off parchment paper
  • Eliminates bag slippage & blowout
  • Minimum loss of terpenes & light ends
  • Coextraction accessory available eliminating the extra step to mix
  • Attachable & detachable decarb accessory available

+ Features

  • Closed pressing chamber
  • Eliminates bag slippage & blowout
  • No parchment paper needed
  • Saves time, no scrapping
  • Attachable & detachable decarb accessory available
  • Powered by 110v
  • Fully adjustable temperature, pressure, & time
  • Minimum loss of terpenes & light ends
  • Workstation configuration available
  • Save operation settings for consistent products & recipes
  • Stores up to 999 recipes
  • Safety lid to prevent smashed fingers
  • Coextraction accessory available eliminating the extra step to mix
  • Real time & historical operating data remotely accessible
  • Simple to operate & clean
  • Easy & safe to load and unload
  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Onsite and remote training available
  • Engineering services available for process equipment integration

+ Specifications

Available Sizes

3in Pressing Chamber: Input product – 20 grams

4.25in Pressing Chamber: Input product – 56 grams

6in Pressing Chamber: Input product -160 grams

8.5 Pressing Chamber: Input product – 454 grams

Operating Parameters

Minimum Process Temp.: 100F [38C]

Maximum Process Temp.: 250F [121C]

Minimum Process Pressure: 100 psi [6.8 bar]

Maximum Process Pressure: 1,200 psi [82.7 bar]

Electrical Specifications

Supply: 115v/10a/60hz/1ph

Total Motor Hp: 0.5 HP [0.4 kW]

Area Classification: Ordinary

*Other voltages / frequencies optionally available*

+ Support & Training

We offer amazing sales and after-sales support to answer all your questions during and after the sales process. Additionally, we provide dedicated technical support during business hours (8am to 5pm CST) to assist you with any operational questions or concerns. You can also sign up for subscription based enhanced 24/7 remote operating, maintenance, and technical support giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted assistance whenever you need it. Of course, you can always request one of our highly trained service technicians to come to your facility at a very reasonable cost for all your support needs.


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