Ethanol Extractor TTO-X3

The TTO-X3 is a self-contained extraction system designed to take Trim- To – Oil in one easy process. The results are fully decarded, degassed, principally solvent free crude oil filled into a weight sensed container.  The TTO-X3 extraction process is fully automated (with the exception of loading and unloading the trim filter bag) and can be operated by one technician of ordinary skill. Additionally, every aspect of the production run is recorded providing regulatory compliance and process improvement data.

  • extractor, decarb, evaporator, & condenser (solvent recovery) all in a single unit
  • One PLC and controls in one unit – flow rates, levels, temperatures, pressures, alarms and communications are presented from one device.
  • One technician required to operate. Technician will be prompted to load material, rotate finished product containers, and add ethanol as required.

+ Features

  • Fully integrated closed loop system.
  •  Controlled from a single extraction recipe.
  • Can easily be operated by one technician.
  •  Ready to use pre programmed oil extraction recipes.
  • Storage for up to 999 different user definable oil extraction recipes.
  • Does not require technically skilled personnel to operate.
  • Real time and historical operating data remotely accessible via PC and mobile devices.
  • Compliant with Class 1 Div 2 hazardous location requirements.
  • Automated process and safety control algorithms ensure consistent and safe operation.
  • 8am to 5pm CST remote technical support included. 24/7 remote technical support optionally available.


+ Specifications

Operating Parameters

Typical Process Capacity:    14 lbs/hr [6.3 kg/hr]

Minimum Process Temp:      -40F [-40C]

Extraction Fluid:                  Ethanol

**Process capacity is estimated and dependent on biomass SG and mill size**


Construction Materials

Elastomers:                         Viton / Teflon / Buna-N

Wetted Parts:                      316 Stainless Steel


Electrical Specifications

Supply:                                     240-480v/30-15a/60hz/3ph

Total Motor Hp:                         5 hp [3.7 kW] Startup kVA: 10 kVA

Operating kVA (full load):         12.5 kVA

Area Classification:                  Class 1 Div 2

**Other voltages / frequencies optionally available**


Weight and Dimensions

Length:                                  76.5 in. [1943.1 mm]

Width:                                    34 in. [863.6 mm]

Height:                                   64 in. [1625.6 mm]

Shipping Weight:                 1,778 lbs. [806.5 kg]

+ Support & Training

We offer amazing sales and after-sales support to answer all your questions during and after the sales process. Additionally, we provide dedicated technical support during business hours (8am to 5pm CST) to assist you with any operational questions or concerns. You can also sign up for subscription based enhanced 24/7 remote operating, maintenance, and technical support giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted assistance whenever you need it. Of course, you can always request one of our highly trained service technicians to come to your facility at a very reasonable cost for all your support needs.


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